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INSTRUCTIONSCopy of SINGERCISE FINAL WEBSITE Black and Orange Bold Tech Gamer Personal Web


INSTRUCTIONSCopy of SINGERCISE FINAL WEBSITE Black and Orange Bold Tech Gamer Personal Web
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What Do I Get?

ALL plans include the following

Unlimited Online School Access

Unlimited access to 20+ online video vocal training courses & learning material presented by multi-award-winning singer & celebrity coach, Rachel Kerr.

Courses Include:

  • Master Vocal Acrobatics: Riffs, Runs & Adlibs

  • Sing With Zero Throat Tension

  • Sing With Effortless Power

  • Strengthen Your Chest Voice

  • Sing With Speech Level Strength

  • Build Vocal Power with Cord Closure

  • The Top 5 Essential Vocal Exercises

  • The Top 5 Essential Breathing & Diaphragm Exercises

  • The Top 5 Essential Vocal Stretch Exercises

  • Master Your Vibrato 

  • Perfect Your Stage Performance Technique 


Inspirational Coaching Includes:

  • Built Confidence & Self Esteem

  • Overcome The Fear of Criticism

  • “I’m Scared to Release My Music”

  • Take Your Singing To The Next Level

Access to 100+ Masterclasses

  • 30 min - 60 min individual inspirational and lively masterclasses taught by Rachel Kerr and her team of expert coaches. These are typically weekly sessions.

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Regular Live & Interactive Coaching

Regular live and interactive coaching via Zoom. Teaching you everything you need to know to develop and maintain excellent vocal delivery and stage performance. These regular fun, lively and interactive sessions allow you to ask Rachel Kerr and her team of expert coaches any questions that you may have offering you the opportunity to get the face to face assistance you need as you navigate the online school and delve deeper into the techniques that perfect your vocal and stage delivery. If you miss the session don't worry all repays will be made available for you to watch as you please.

Course Material

Track your vocal progress and development with these additional course materials expertly designed to keep you informed and accountable throughout your vocal transformation journey.

  • Printable Progress Diary- a great way for you to document and monitor your vocal progress

  • Vocal-cabulary helping you understand all the vocal jargon used during your training.

24/7 Customer Service

It is important to us that you feel supported and informed throughout your transformation journey you don't have to do this alone we are with you every step of the way. When joining our 121 Programs you are assigned your very own vocal guru expert coach who will coach and mentor each session.  But whatever program you join you will have 24/7 access to our customer service team via phone, email & whatsapp.

121 Plans also include the following

Expert Vocal Coaching

Imagine expert, one-to-one mentorship that takes your talent and ability to the next level. Even the best of the best have coaches and mentors, and you should be no different. Out team of expert vocal coaches have been hand picked and trained by Rachel Kerr personally to deliver the most inspirational, motivational, expert and personalised training on the market with out 360 Training Program. But if you chose to be trained by the award-winning singer, founder and Celebrity Vocal Coach herself this is also an option available to you (on a first come first serve basis). We do warn once we have reached our coaching capacity for one-to-one coaching the program will be closed until spaces free up. Chose whether you wish to opt for weekly, bi-weekly or weekly expert training with our 121 Vocal Programs.

INSTRUCTIONSCopy of SINGERCISE FINAL WEBSITE Black and Orange Bold Tech Gamer Personal Web

Noel Dumont, Singercise Student

Want to create and release your own music? Check out 

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