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Book your performance coaching sessions with Celebrity Performance Coach & Multi-Award winning Recording Artist Rachel Kerr

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Many people have the intelligence and knowledge they need to be successful however still find themselves coming up short of the opportunities they so desperately desire. The fact is, unless you have the soft skills and presentational clout to present your knowledge in the best most favourably way possible to potential employers, recruiters or even your peers you are likely to never receive the opportunities that your talent deserves.


Whether it be with public speaking, interview techniques, auditions or otherwise, your Performance Coaching will not only empower you with a deeper acceptance of your voice but give you the practical tools necessary to share that voice effectively and skillfully. 



Whether you are a corporate professional, student, or a performing artist, at Singercise our primary aim is to empower you with the social soft skills and performance confidence necessary to thrive in any given social or professional setting. We teach young people (as well as performing artists and corporate professionals) how to flourish in typically daunting  professional and social environments namely;

  • Public Verbal Presentations

  • Career Assessments

  • Employment Interviews

  • Group Assessment Days

  • Creative Auditions (within the traditional performing arts)

  • Group/Class Presentations

  • Stage Performance




You will receive personal training sessions with Celebrity Performance Coach and Award winning singer, Rachel Kerr.


A thorough assessment of your vocal and presentational style with practical vocal & movement exercises to enhance your presentational performance.

Your Coach will help you devise 3 key goals that will be the premises of your performance improvement.

Public Speaking Training - helping you achieve a more confident and effective presentational style.

Expertly devised group or individual role play scenarios that will empower you with the strategies for advanced performance.


Every session is very personal to you or the group being taught so will differ from person to person and group to group, however your coaching will:


Technically develop your performance and presentational style in a way that effortless showcases the best of yourself in a professional and personal environment.

Inform you on how to effectively brand and market yourself as an person via spoken and unspoken techniques.


Give you an thorough understanding of your current vocal style and habits but empower you with vocal tips and tricks to give you the clarity and confidence you need in any setting.


Give you the tools on how to flourish in a group assessment scenario.


Tolu 'T-Boy' Ogunmefun

Actor, West End Star & Comedian (London,UK)

Singercise you are the best... thank you!

Tiwa Savage

Superstar Singer and Actress (Africa, Nigeria)

Thank you so much Rachel! You are the best, best best! Singercise really helped me with my performance confidence, my O2 show was my best yet thanks to them!

Noel Dumont

Singercise has not only helped me build solid vocal techniques and confidence but help me to discover who I am as an artist... Anyone who has a dream ... needs to sign up, Singercise will help you get there!

West End, Jazz Singer (California, USA)


Parent of Current Singercise Student


WHAT DO I GET ?                        WHAT DO I LEARN ?


Formerly a Corporate Lawyer Rachel Charmaine Kerr is now an award winning singer/songwriter, celebrity vocal coach. She is also the CEO and founder of Singercise. She is a member of Grammy Award Association and has received personal invitations from Former US President Bill Clinton to speak and perform at his exclusive Foundation event and was invited to 10 Downing Street by UK Prime Minister David Cameron where she was commended for her contributions to music.


Rachel made history as the first British female artist to win a MOBO Award and UK Entertainment Awards in her category as well as the first British Female artist to release a free-mixtape in 2016 entitled Unboxed.

Rachel has also toured the world working with superstars such as Lauryn Hill, Brandy, Kirk Franklin and Fred Hammond.


If you have any questions or concerns about the school or any featured training material please feel free to contact us


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