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The Ultimate Day of Vocal Coaching Excellence including 1-2-1, Collaborative, Effective, Inspirational Vocal Training and Artist Development Mentorship.

What is The Ultimate Vocal Coaching Camp?

Who is Rachel Kerr (Founder of Singercise)?

The Ultimate Vocal Coaching Camp

Saturday 19th February





Program includes:

1-2-1 Vocal Assessment with Rachel Kerr

You will receive a 1-2-1, face-to-face, in person vocal assessments from Rachel Kerr. Each session is 30 mins. This sessions will give you personalised expert feedback on your existing vocal habits and a specific, step-by-step game plan on how you can achieve the voice you desire. The 3 key essentials this session will focus on, will be helping you 

  • - Increase/Perfect Vocal Power

  • - Perfect Your Vocal Control 

  • - Expand Your Vocal Range effortlessly

You will get a video recording of your session.

Collaborative Session 

This inspirational session is packed with motivational and encouraging training from Rachel Kerr and her team of vocal and performance experts. The collaborative and interactive group session will also focus on the following.

  • - Perfecting Songwriting Skills

  • - Advancing Stage Performance Confidence

  • - Artist Development Coaching 

Networking and Socialising

As a creative it's easy to feel isolated with your talent and goals. With this ultimate camp, you will get the opportunity to kick back, relax, learn and socialise with other talented creatives and professional experts in artistry and vocal theory. 

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Access to The Vocal Coaching Camp without The 1-2-1 Vocal Assessment


Access to The Vocal Coaching Camp AND The 1-2-1 Vocal Assessment with Rachel Kerr


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