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One-to-One Programs

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121 only

121 Only Program includes:

One 1-2-1 Private Coaching with a Singercise Expert Coach. Selected one lesson a month (Monthly Coaching) two lessons a month (Fortnightly Coaching) or four lessons a month (Weekly Coaching).




No Contract | Cancel Anytime


360 Program includes:

One, two or four 1-2-1 Private Coaching with a Singercise Expert Coach


Unlimited access to the Online School

Weekly Inspirational Live Vocal Coaching Seminars 




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VIP Program includes:

One, two or four 1-2-1 Private Coaching with a Celebrity Vocal Coach Rachel Kerr per month


Unlimited access to the Online School

Weekly Inspirational Live Vocal Coaching Seminars 


Annual Subscription | £2244



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What You Get

We are an online performing arts training academy created by multi-award-winning international Singer/Songwriter, the Founder of SINGERCISE and Celebrity Vocal Coach, Rachel Kerr. Our vocal coaching programs offers singers all over the world unlimited access to affordable, expert, inspirational vocal training & mentorship anytime, anywhere. 

What is
The Online School?

What is a One-to-One Vocal Assessment?

Who is
Rachel Kerr?


UNLIMITED access to 15+ online video singing courses 

Online Video Courses

  • Master Vocal Acrobatics: Riffs, Runs & Adlibs

  • Sing With Zero Throat Tension

  • Sing With Effortless Power

  • Strengthen Your Chest Voice

  • Sing With Speech Level Strength

  • Build Vocal Power with Cord Closure

  • The Top 5 Essential Vocal Exercises

  • The Top 5 Essential Breathing & Diaphragm Exercises

  • The Top 5 Essential Vocal Stretch Exercises

  • Master Your Vibrato 

  • Perfect Your Stage Performance Technique 


Inspirational Video Coaching

  • Build Confidence & Self Esteem

  • Overcome The Fear of Criticism

  • “I’m Scared to Release My Music”

  • Take Your Singing To The Next Level

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Course Materials

  • Printable Progress Diary- a great way for you to document and monitor your vocal progress.

  • Vocal-cabulary helping you understand all the vocal jargon used during your training.

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Weekly Live Coaching

Weekly live and interactive coaching via Zoom. Teaching you everything you need to know to develop and maintain excellent vocal delivery and stage performance. With a live Q&A for you to ask questions and get the immediate help you need.

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1-2-1 Vocal Coaching

Private one-to-one Vocal Assessment with your expert Singercise Vocal Coach as well as the option to train with multi-award-winning singer/songwriter and expert celebrity vocal coach, Rachel Kerr.


Cancel subscription anytime

24-hour school online access to all online video lessons

Unlimited access to 20+ online video singing courses and all the training material.

100+ hours of valuable online video singing lessons.